Coming from a totally different background, I followed my intuition entering into Arts & Crafts.

Wanting to give expression to my inspiration from inside, using my hands.

My process of creating is instinctive and with only little premeditation.

Driven by creativity and the materials around me in the moment, I simultaneously work on different artworks.

Converting a flow of ideas into resonating new work feels like a…. FreeFall.

I am a gatherer, collector, observer and self-taught.

I like to upcycle and play with waste materials ended up in landfills or beaches and give them a next Arty life

~ Willem-Frans Janssen ~




“When your actions and thoughts strike

that living spark in you, engender your soul,

you work from that subterranean flow of

joy that runs like a laughing torrent in you”


~  Rumi  ~